You Wanna Win Big at Slots?

This is for all you people who up to now have scoffed the idea or suggestion to go for consistent small returns.

These people, led by their aggressive leader Wanda Cash, want only to win the jackpot. They don't want to accept 20% or 30% or even 50% returns. The leader and his crew want big bucks.

Okay, let us be frank abous this. If you want to win a lot of money in the casino. Bring a lot of money to the casino. You want to win big? Bet big.

Other than being at a scorching machine when that R.N.G. finally bangs out the right combination, the only way you're going to win big is to bet big. And if you don't got a big Bankroll, how can you expect to bet big?

It's a vicious circle that leads you on a merry-go-round of frustration, but that's the way the wig wags.

Here is an idea of Logic, as applied to gambling. Let's suppose you took $100 to the casino and a friend asked you if it was easy to win $3.

You smirk and crow, "Of course it's easy to win $3 with $100. Who can't get $3 ahead?"

Try to ask people if they'd accept $3 as their profit for the day, since it came so easy. Again the smirk and the quick retort!

"Are you crazy? Why would I go all the way to the casinos for a lousy $3, no matter how easy it was to make it?"

Of course the conversation is tilted toward the player so far, because it it easy to win $3 with $100.

Okay, if it's so easy to win $3 with $100, then why not bring $1,000 to win $30, or even $10,000 to win $300. It's the same percentage, the exact same percentage. And I guess you could struggle along on $300 a day, since by your own admission, you find it so easy to win 3% of your starting Bankroll.

Oh, you don't have the $10,000? Then how about $5,000 and accepting the same 3%, then maybe you could raise it a notch to 5%, which is a $5 return for your $100. Most of you started with $100, but you won't quit. It's too small for your expensive desires.

Yet it is the exact percentage of winning $500 with $10,000 and even that aggressive boyfriend of Wanda Cash, Dewey Jackpot, is doing a lot of drooling over the possibility of winning $500 a day.

But even though the percentage is exactly the same, people like Wanda and Dewey can't grasp the Logic of accepting percentage returns.

Okay, you don't have $10,000 to gamble or $5,000, or even $1,000. I understand that. But a 5% return on $1,000 is a tidy $50 kickoff per day, based only on the fact that it is exactly like $5 on $100.

So if you don't have the proper Bankroll to give you this so-called easy 5% return, then why not wait until you are properly qualified?

Why keep blowing $100 here and $200 there, going for the dream, when you could save up for a decent Bankroll and accept that 3% or 5% return?

Now, if you said it's "Not" easy to win $3 on $100, then why are you betting in the first place?

If it's hard to win $3 on $100, then it's gotta be downright impossible to win $1,000 with $100.

Wanda Cash wants the jackpot badly, but now she is starting to wonder if maybe this example is a logical approach. At least she's thinking.

Her dorky boyfriend, Dewey Jackpot, still drools at the thought of the mega-buck payoff.

He spits all over his chin as he proclaims.

"Yeah, but at least some day I might win the big one and people who only go for small returns will never know what it's like to win big."

People like Dewey never know what the meaning of "Win" really is. They spend their life chasing the carrot.

And end up going in circles.